Countering Christian Apologists. Important work.

If mainstream classical scholars are to keep people with an agenda from scaling the walls and inserting their beliefs into the academic agenda.. this is the lengths they have to go to. All I can do is reblog and congratulate the author.


interview-david-marshallI have focused heavily on reading Greek authors and doing academic work over the past couple weeks, which has freed up time this Friday to address some recent activity in Christian apologetics circles. Recently, Christian apologist David Marshall wrote a critique of me on his blog Christ the Tao. The incident started about a month ago, however, when Marshall was asked by a friend to post a critical comment on an essay of mine, which apparently his friend found troubling.

The essay that Marshall commented on is titled “Ancient Historical Writing Compared to the Gospels of the New Testament,” which I wrote in August 2013. After publishing the essay, I received positive comments from James McGrath (professor of New Testament language and literature) here, Michael Kok (Ph.D. in Biblical Studies) here, and Erlend MacGillivray (Ph.D. candidate in New Testament Studies) here. I do not mean to imply…

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