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Countering Christian Apologists. Important work.

Originally posted on Κέλσος:
I have focused heavily on reading Greek authors and doing academic work over the past couple weeks, which has freed up time this Friday to address some recent activity in Christian apologetics circles. Recently, Christian apologist David…

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Dating Early Christian Writings

I’ve been very silent these past few months, getting assignments out and the like. I will start uploading new posts very soon. In the meantime, here’s a link to a very good and accessible post on the Westar Institute’s site: … Continue reading

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The Rise of Religious Fundamentalism in Australian Schools

It would be very easy to argue that ‘fundamentalism’ is the most contentious religious issue facing Australian society. Islamic fundamentalism appears daily in the newspapers and constantly occupies the minds of defence and other policymakers. But what makes someone a … Continue reading

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The Annointing of Jesus – How the Gospel writers develop a story

Where the four Gospels all narrate the same story, you can see the fault lines along their particular concerns and themes. The story of Jesus’ anointing features in all four gospels. Of the Synoptics, Matthew follows Mark (the original Gospel … Continue reading

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