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Another detour: What is Shia Islam?

Before we progress deeper along the Iranian tourist trail, it’s is a good time to clarify the dominant (95%) Muslim sect in Iran, Shi’ism. To the outsider, the differences between Sunni and Shia Islam appear slight, even trivial. Both apply the confessional … Continue reading

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The Arad and Lachish Letters, and the last moments of the Kingdom of Judah

The Arad and Lachish letters are military communications that date to the final years of the Kingdom of Judah. Carefully read, they provide a valuable insight into the daily lives of the military personnel and their attitudes to events as … Continue reading

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Countering Christian Apologists. Important work.

Originally posted on Κέλσος:
I have focused heavily on reading Greek authors and doing academic work over the past couple weeks, which has freed up time this Friday to address some recent activity in Christian apologetics circles. Recently, Christian apologist David…

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What were the ethnic origins of earliest Israel?

It is commonly believed that the establishment of ancient Israel is substantially as presented in the Bible – an invasion of the land of Canaan by Israelite slaves, descended from Jacob and led out of Egypt by Moses. In this … Continue reading

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